Following Tradition

Odlums logo

Odlums logo

Image Credit: Business & Leadership

For generations my family have used Odlums recipes. Why? Simply because they have -without a doubt- the best recipes of all time. On the back of their flour, they have recipes for all different kinds of baked goods and my Nanny used to collect all of them. there was never a wrapper thrown out. I’m extremely grateful to her for collecting these recipes, as its something I would like to leave behind for my grandchildren too. Unfortunately she passed away ten years ago, but my Granddad had obviously been paying very close attention to her cooking because  his cooking tastes the exact same. Now he is the one who is teaching me the essential family secrets and tips! Moral of the story is, I would highly recommend everyone to go onto the Odlums website from time-to-time. I know you wont be let down.


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